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06-Oct-11 One woman living Biblically for a year

An interesting look at taking what the Bible says about women literally. Good discussion starter.

03-Oct-11 Domestic violence among middle classes grows

This article gives financial difficulty as contributing to the rise of middle class professionals experiencing domestic abuse manifested in various forms.Unfortunately the article does not make clear that nothing, no kind of pressure or hardship, financial or otherwise, excuses domestic abuse, or makes it understandable, reasonable or acceptable. Thankfully there are many organisations working to stem the tide and support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

14-Sep-11 Topman T-shirts Accused Of Being Sexist and Glamourising Domestic Violence 

I have absolutely no idea why anyone thought this would be a good idea. If I saw someone wearing the t-shirt that seems to be listing excuses for the violence I suspect I would have to fight the urge to challenge the person. Glad Topman have removed the t-shirt, but find the ‘apology’ weak. That no one in the design to manufacture process said “hmm, perhaps this is going too far” is surprising, but that it was even conceived beggars belief. It certainly says something about how some people view domestic abuse – as a joke. I do not think the t-shirt glamourises it, I think it makes light of it in the worst way. I have never understood jokes about domestic abuse, even before I experienced it. Imagine getting hit by your partner one day and the next day sitting on a tube reading that on the front of some man’s chest opposite you! Nauseating I would imagine.

And then there is comparing someone’s girlfriend to an animal… Where to do I start?

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